Engineering Services

Discover our capabilities for engineering services to design, development and qualification of different types of products

Smart and Responsive Support

Starting from product requirements we provide the needed support to achieve the final product certification that allows our Customer to start the series production with the highest reliability


2D/3D Design

3D modeling of different kinds of electromechanical and hydraulic equipment. 2D drawings for manufacturing, part list management, assembly tools


Simulations & Analyses

Structural, FEM, CFD, Dynamic performance analyses; Reliability and Safety


Prototypes & Engineering Tests

Prototypes manufacturing, test benches design and manufacturing for performance and de-risking tests


Qualification Activities

Acceptance and qualification test plan, procedures and reports in accordance with ECSS and DO160 or MIL-STD-810. EMI/EMC tests in accordance with EUROCAE

SWEET LAB - Structural Wave Energy Equipment Test LAB

Discover our SWEET LAB facility developed to test a large set of different equipment installed on wave energy generation systems. Download our brochure dedicated to our SWEET LAB description and characteristics

sea wave laboratory

BITTER LAB - Battery InspecTion Test & Research LAB

An advanced laboratory equipped with all the testing machines to check the performances and the characteristics of battery cells and battery packages

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